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About us

Rene Fischer GmbH was founded in 2012 and is a successful company firmly rooted in the construction segment for rolling stock. All of our employees are highly qualified and experienced in the manufacture of rolling stock. This experience and knowledge is founded on the construction of new rolling stock vehicles: from production planning to active process control during vehicle production to the handing over of rolling stock to the customer. Our wealth of experience is supplemented by the execution of extensive repairs (e.g. after collisions, derailment, etc.) and modification conversions.

Our know-how stretches from the acquisition of new bogies to the implementation of bogie inspections and repairs and the procurement of spare parts.

As the founder of Rene Fischer GmbH gathered his experience from all phases of rolling stock construction, he developed a desire to make his knowledge and support available to the end customer.

Rene Fischer GmbH is the only company in a position to offer its customers an accompanying service during the warranty phase that detects defects, serial defects and concealed defects in good time before the warranty period expires and reports them to the manufacturer.


Welcome to the world of continuously growing regional transport. Mobility is meanwhile an essential part of our way of life. Public transport has already reached the limits of its abilities.

The main burden of public transport is carried by rolling stock such as the city tram, the metro and inter-regional and intercity trains.

Ordering and financing new vehicle fleets is no easy task. The organisational tasks required to assure the vehicles pass the factory acceptance and type tests before they are taken into service, however, is a lot more difficult.

So now the "newbies" have arrived and need to show they are worth what you have paid for them. The warranty period provided by the manufacturer is intended to cushion any initial surprises and maintain the mobility and service readiness of your fleet. That sounds reassuring - or does it?

What happens during the vehicles' warranty period? Are there any defects or serial defects and would you recognise them? Are there any concealed weak points that are discovered coincidentally during the first inspection or modification work? Does the functionality of the vehicles meet your expectations and specifications? Do the vehicles meet your expectations with regard to wheel wear forecasts and reliability? If not, who is responsible for the ensuing costs?

The team at Rene Fischer GmbH and its wealth of experience offer you comprehensive knowledge, know-how and practical experience that enable you to ensure the manufacturer complies with his performance obligations.

There is a lot to do - let's get on with it!

René Fischer

Owner and CEO
Rene Fischer GmbH

Wir sind in der Lage, neue Stellen anbieten zu dürfen.

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Wir dürfen, nach erfolgreicher Auswertung der Ausschreibung, ein langfristiges Projekt mit

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